This Simple Golden Milk Recipe Will Change Your Life

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Golden milk is a healthful plant-based beverage inspired by the traditional Ayurvedic recipe for turmeric milk.  This warm, frothy delight has been a popular medicinal drink in India for centuries. The striking yellow color (from the turmeric) makes it unmistakable; you may have spotted folks drinking it in glasses or mugs at cafes and coffee shops.

If you’re thinking, “Yuck, turmeric in milk?” we understand.  Turmeric can have a spicy, bitter aftertaste that might seem out of place in a creamy comfort that you sip while winding down for the evening.  But fear not! It only takes a few simple ingredients to transform powdered turmeric into its delicious final form—golden milk—with extra healing properties to boot!  The results will change your life.

Our Simple Golden Milk Recipe: Here are the only ingredients you’ll need!

⇒ 2 cups of your favorite plant milk 

We prefer coconut milk, for its sweet and creamy tropical flavor—but any plant-based milk will do!  Cashew milk is a decadently creamy option, but oat milk may better satisfy your sweet tooth, and almond milk is great for those who prefer a more neutral (but nutty) flavor.  There’s no wrong answer here. You could even mix and match!

⇒ ¾ to 1 ½ teaspoons of powdered turmeric (to taste)

The star ingredient!  Turmeric root is among nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatories due to its abundance of the medicinal compound ‘curcumin.’ We recommend a light touch for your first go-around and dialing it up as you develop a taste for the drink.

⇒ ⅛ teaspoon of ground black pepper

The piperine in black pepper has a strong chemical interaction with the curcumin in turmeric. When consumed together, the curcumin becomes up to 2000% more bioavailable!  This dash of spice also complements turmeric’s slightly peppery taste. 

⇒ ¼ teaspoon of Ceylon cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon has a more delicate, sweet taste than the traditional varieties; we like to think of it as true cinnamon.  Combined with the turmeric and black pepper, this warming spice makes your golden milk sweeter while further enhancing its natural anti-inflammatory properties.  Cinnamon also promotes good digestion and helps in nutrient absorption!

⇒ 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

Powdered turmeric doesn’t dissolve well in water—it’s fat-soluble.  In other words, every simple golden milk recipe needs some type of fat to dissolve the curcumin into a form that can be best absorbed by your blood. No fat, and it’ll settle into a silt at the bottom of your mug. A little plant-based oil becomes a tasty activator for turmeric’s most powerful properties (and turns each sip more rich and delicious!).

⇒ OPTIONAL: a dash of natural sweetener (to taste)

Monk fruit extract and stevia are both natural and calorie-free!  If those aren’t your jam, a few drops of honey, real maple syrup, coconut sugar, or agave nectar will do the trick just fine.  Plenty of folks learn to love golden milk without any additional sweeteners, too. Play this one by ear—personally, we like the healthy, guilt-free kick of the monk fruit.

To Cook:

Add the above ingredients to a saucepan and heat it on low.  Stir as you bring the milk to a low simmer. Once it’s bubbling in the middle, let it keep simmering for 4-5 minutes, then remove it from the heat, ladle or pour it into cups, and serve!

This simple golden milk recipe takes just a little time to gather, mix, and warm the 5-6 ingredients.  Of course, we’re happy to do half of the work for you! Our Golden Milk Powder recipe at Healthy Truth comes pre-mixed with all of the spices (and monk fruit extract!), so you’ll only have to add it to your milk with a dash of oil for the best results.  You won’t find a more simple golden milk recipe than that!

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