Here's Why You Should Try Spirulina Protein Powder

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Yes, it’s a blue-green alga. Yes, the same kind of stuff that makes pond water such a unique color. But don’t be fooled—spirulina is also one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet!  This waterborne superfood may not seem appetizing in the wild, but it makes the perfect natural protein powder to blend with other delicious raw fruit and vegetable ingredients.

“Spirulina” is a Latin-derived name that means “small spiral.”  The name comes from the shape of the organism: it’s a tiny, multi-celled cyanobacterium (with no cell nucleus) in the shape of a coil or spring.  In addition to being among the healthiest foods on earth, it’s also got a lot of history. Spirulina was famously harvested from the ocean by the Aztecs for its incredible nutritive properties.

If you’re on the fence about adding algae to your diet, here’s why you’ve gotta give spirulina protein powder a chance!

6 Reasons to Try Spirulina Protein Powder

1. Crazy High Protein

Spirulina is 60-70% protein by weight, more than any other natural food source. And this spirulina protein content is complete, meaning it has all eight essential amino acids (and ten nonessential amino acids to boot).  It’s no wonder NASA has studied the potential of Spirulina for space travel. This humble type of algae is a protein-packing powerhouse!

2. The Iron You Need For a Plant-Based Diet

The central atom in human blood is iron.  Spirulina contains up to 51 times as much iron as spinach, gram for gram (1).  Iron-rich foods are crucial to a healthy, plant-based diet—you don’t need meat to fight off iron deficiency when you can get more than your daily allowance through a few tablespoons of spirulina powder and regular helpings of leafy greens.

3. Incredibly Dense With Vital Nutrients

The broad spectrum of nutrients in this wonder-plant is astounding.  Spirulina isn’t called the most nutrient-dense food in the world for nothing.  It’s got:

  • Many times more antioxidants than blueberries
  • Many times more calcium than milk—yay, bones and teeth!
  • More beta carotenes than any other food (by weight)...good for eyesight!
  • Tons of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B4, B6, B7, B8, and B9, C, D, E)
  • Loads of healthy minerals (iron, copper, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and more)

While it does technically contain cobalamin (vitamin B12), it’s a pseudovitamin variety that studies have shown is not useful to humans (2).  Folks who are into plant-based eating should still supplement B12 in their diets.

4. Boosts Muscle Endurance and Recovery

Studies have proven the power of spirulina’s high antioxidant and protein content for your muscles.  It’s been shown to increase endurance and decrease muscle damage from exercise (3, 4).  Spirulina protein powder is the perfect addition to that pre-or-post-workout protein shake.

5. Detoxifies and Boosts Immunity

The high chlorophyll content of spirulina protein powder—the source of its blue-green color—helps to boost the immune system and eliminate heavy metals and other toxins from the blood.  One study showed that only 500 mg of spirulina each day (combined with zinc supplements) could cut arsenic toxicity in half (5)!  Give your liver a helping hand with a daily spirulina detox.

6. Super Anti-Inflammatory

Spirulina is one of the few naturally occurring sources of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which must usually be created by the body.  GLA is a potent anti-inflammatory that fights all manner of chronic inflammation—PMS, arthritis, eczema, and more. Spirulina’s rich reserves of phycocyanin (an anti-inflammatory antioxidant) don’t hurt either (6)!

What’s the Best Way to Try Spirulina Protein Powder?

The best spirulina powder—whether it’s for a juice, smoothie, protein shake, or super greens drink—will complement the algae’s superpowers with a mix of tasty, healthful ingredients.  

Our GO GREEN Daily Supergreens Powder blends all of the adaptogens and prebiotics your body needs.  In addition to raw, organic spirulina & chlorella algae powders, it includes other super ingredients like:

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